How Kids Can Make Money Through Various Jobs and Chores

How Kids Can Make Money Through Various Jobs and Chores

Lawn Mowing

Your child might already be used to mowing your own lawn, but you can encourage them to earn more money by mowing neighbors’ lawns as well. Help them talk to neighbors about doing this chore for them. This can teach them skills like salesmanship and instill them with a good work ethic. It’s a great way for them to spend more time outdoors and to get some exercise as well. If they get serious about it they may even end up starting a profitable summertime business!


Babysitting is a simple way for your child to earn some extra money, but it’s best if they get some experience before they take on babysitting jobs. Have them watch your other children or a close friend or family member’s children to learn the ropes, and encourage them to be responsible. When they start out with their first jobs they may want to charge a lower rate, but once they are more established they can charge more for their services.

Chores around the House

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