Strong Arms and Shoulders are as Easy as 1-2-3

Strong Arms and Shoulders are as Easy as 1-2-3

Posted By FizzNiche on May 14, 2012 |

Today’s strength training exercise comes to us from our Premium Guest Blogger, Lando.  He shares a sequence of exercises that will strengthen our arms and shoulders, beautifying our upper body for swimsuit season!

3 to 1 Contact – Make Those Arms and Shoulders Strong

This works great for arms, shoulders and chest. It’s called 3 to 1.

For arms – let’s start with the biceps. This is a regular bicep curl, however, instead of fluidly going through the motion – you should slow the lift to a count of three. Keeping your elbows locked to your sides (so that they don’t swing forward as you lift), lift the weights as you slowly count a beat of 1, 2, 3. By the time you reach 3, you should be at the top of the bicep curl. Then lower it for a count of 1 and start again. Do this for a set of 15 reps and you should feel a significant burn.

For triceps – you can do this as an overhead tricep pull. Start with...
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