Sexy bride Beach Bunny

Sexy bride Beach Bunny

– May 29, 2012Posted in: Clothing

Aptap Kate is 19 years old sexy bunny presenting bridal collection of Beach Bunny.

Each of the models swimsuit wedding brings sweet message of love and pledgeallegiance -. I Do, Marry Me, From The Moment, Stand By Me, Endless Love, All My Life, or Butterfly Kisses …

Kate joined beach bunnies, thanks to its graceful form and invisible radiation that give expression to all that the brand itself as a trend and respect.

“She is sexy and confident, and her cheerfulness and naturalness are qualitiesthat adorn the wife of Beach Bunny”, says principal designer brand swimwear Angela Chitenden.

If you are looking for a beautiful, elegant and unusual swimwear this summer,inspired by the following proposals which purity and freshness.


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