Custom Tablecloths and More

Custom Tablecloths and More

Shop for Style at the Best Tablecloth & Fine Table Linen Company 

Shop our vast assortment of high quality, wholesale priced tablecloths and table linens for weddings, special occasions, banquet halls, restaurants, the home and more. Table Cloth Factory offers hundreds of standard tablecloths, custom tablecloths and fine linen collections to choose from, in over 50,000 color-pattern-style-size and shape combinations.  We specialize in selling affordable tablecloths and table linens to designers wedding planners and buyers in bulk for events, receptions and retail outlets. We're in the business of helping you’ll find the perfect table fabric and accessories to suite your design, event and budget planning needs.

Our never ending selection includes table cloths and table linens, as well as linen napkins, chair covers, chair sashes, fine table linens, Christmas tree skirts, table overlays, place mats, table runners, digitally printed tablecloths for the office and...
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