Packaging Bags

Packaging Bags

4 06 2012

Got up this morning with a fight with mother and father and the loved ones too, what a hectic beginning of the day it was! My mind just got blank and I had no idea what to do next. Then the thought of having a coffee came into my mind. And yes I really felt very good after having it. Coffee is the most consumed beverages in the world. Tea is the next consumed one. Varieties of both the products are available. You get confused sometimes which one you want to go for. Freshness is gained by the aroma you intake.

Thus it is very important for any coffee or tea to maintain the freshness of its smell and beans. A good quality coffee is examined from its smell only. Coffee Bags, while common in the industry, are actually highly sought after elsewhere. There are many uses for them. They are made of a special woven fabric called “Jute” and are primarily used by coffee farmers. Coffee bags are “food grade” products which mean that if you are...
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