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Packaging Bags

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We are leading producer and innovator in packaging bag having its manufacturing facility in  Africa, usa, Uk, china, australia and marketing offices in Australia, Usa, Canada, Uk, Sweden, Norway, Guatemala, Germany, New zealand, france and Netherlands. We manufacture products for a wide range of industries including food, pet food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, agriculture, pet food, nuts packaging, whey protein packaging, tea packaging, medical, pesticides, hygiene & detergents, Retort Pouches and packaging, coffee packaging, doypack, resealable bags, zipper bags, foil bags.

We offer a full range of packaging solutions for almost all types of industries.

Our company is certified under ISO 9001/2000, and is in the process of certifying for ISO 14000 and ISO 18000, placing it in the highest standards of quality in the industry. In addition our own research and development facilities are at the industry...
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