Most Beautiful Women in the World as Seen on Youtube: Somalia

Most Beautiful Women in the World as Seen on Youtube: Somalia

Since the Internet provides any blockhead with a modem the ability to spread around any sort of bogus for other people to comment, adhere to or confront, many personal opinions have been presented as inalienable truths, especially on Youtube. Which is great for freedom of speech and eternal disagreement of humankind, so I totally abide!

Syntagms such as “the most beautiful women“, “the best music there is“, “smartest people in the world” have always seemed ridiculously easy to judge and point out especially to the lowest discernment-level-possessing persons, therefore today I’m presenting the first episode from a collection of undisputable truths, all claiming one by one the same status. And also all of them not being even remotely aware of each other, in the already utterly familiar style of the Internet.

The first absolute fact that you should get right is that despite anything that you had in mind about them until now, well, the most beautiful women in the world...
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