Is Google+ the New Facebook?

Is Google+ the New Facebook?

Google is giving a new try to be more social on the Internet, but can they really defeat facebook? Will the new google+ be the new facebook and even more important, will the facebook be the myspace of tomorrow (death and everything)?

I will try to find out some answers to the previous question by analyzing this new service offered by google called google+.

Well, I must admit right from the beginning that I like the new chic style that Google is pushing out on all of their services like Google Calendar or Docs. So the google+, which is in fact the really promoter of the new Google “white”  is also gorgeous for my eyes. Considering this new design and looking at facebook  makes me thing that facebook is a bit absolute in terms of design and a lot cluttered.

Google+ comes by default with a clever way to sort your group of friends and acquaintances by using so called circles.


It will import your contacts from GMail and it will let you, in an easy...
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