Most Fashionable Of The Monaco Royal Wedding

Most Fashionable Of The Monaco Royal Wedding

Photo from Margareta Vania.

Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert II of Monaco got married in a two day luxurious wedding, including a civil ceremony on Friday, the religious ceremony on Saturday and a 450 guest glamorous dinner and ball. Both royalties and A-list celebrities such as actors, models and designers attended the event, showing off their most inspired outfits. Let’s see who were the most fashionable guests at the Monaco Royal Wedding:

Before analyzing the outfits of the guests, Princess Charlene was of course, the most chic and elegant. She went for a blue Chanel jumpsuit, pleated pants and matching jacket for the civil ceremony on Friday, then showed in an Armani Prive silk wedding gown on Saturday at the religious ceremony, and finally wore another Armani sleeveless tiered white gown for the evening gala. The Princess looked elegant and natural, resembling some of that natural elegance of Grace Kelly.

Photo from Frills and...
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