Day 6 Of Royal Tour: Two More Outfits For Kate Middleton

Day 6 Of Royal Tour: Two More Outfits For Kate Middleton

Day 6 of the Royal Tour found the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Yellowknife where they took part in northern activities. Kate Middleton succeeded to please fashion fans all around the world with two casual form fitting outfits. The choice was again simple, elegant and tasteful, and it fully complimented her slender figure. She did not fail to show her sporty side and seemed quite involved in all the activities.

For the first part of the day she switched to a designer that is not British, nor Canadian. She chose Danish Malene Birger, wearing a so called “Bullet Dress”. The cream knee-length linen piece featured three quarter sleeves, strong shoulders and an olive green waistband. The outfit was accessorized with a matching clutch and the LK Bennett Sledge2 stillettos/pumps worn previously on the royal tour. Take a look at the outfit here.

Later in the afternoon the couple departed for Blatchford Lake with a float plane.  The Duchess changed outfits into something...
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