Flat pack Furniture- How to go about It

Flat pack Furniture- How to go about It

In current situation when furniture prices are on a rise affordable and convenient options as IKEA gives you a better option. But again all these assembling and dissembling is not to be taken easy as it is not some kids to do project. Even if you are an enthusiastic self helper type of person, furniture assembly is a task.                                                      So to make such furniture more useful and make the assembly part convenient for you, let’s share some tips:

Research with IKEA website not only gets you help preparing a list of all the necessary tools you need to give proper finishes to flat pack furniture but also they give you location of warehouse accessible around your area. Make a list, step in the shop and get your necessary tools beforehand.

• Your furniture looks best when they are fit exactly and this requires proper measurements to be taken. For example, if you are assembling wardrobes right measurements of drawers and shelves is...
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