Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks

If you are struggling with anxiety and/or panic, there is help. Panic Away has been helping people free themselves of all types of anxiety disorder and panic attacks for over 7 years with great success. Click Here For More Info. Thanks for visiting!

Melisa Gerrow Ms Gerrow is a contributor to Stop Anxiety Panic . She has suffered from panic and knows how horrible it is. She has overcome it. She is a professional school psychologist and sports psychologist.

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Why do people have panic attacks? When trying to figure out why some of us have to suffer through panic attacks, or in my case, used to suffer through panic attacks, I guess we need to discuss a little human biology. However, we could make this human biology course a pretty short one by simply saying adrenaline is behind panic. Adrenaline is a chemical that helps drive us mammals.

From time to time mammals will work themselves into a condition where adrenaline...
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