Paid Premium Content- USA Today the Next Big Brand to Switch

Paid Premium Content- USA Today the Next Big Brand to Switch

Among the various brands that are considering premium paid content, USA Today has been in the news as the next big brand to make this transition in the daily news industry. It is still to be seen how this transition will affect their readers and customers, however, USA Today is rumored to be soon joining other big brands in the paid premium content category.  

A new report which was recently published on Friday, the mobile applications of USA Today for tablet computers and smartphones may soon discontinue with their free-content model. The suggestion comes from the revered publisher and president of the newspaper, Lawrence Kramer.

As of today, Gannett- which operates and owns USA Today- has so far switched half of their 82 newspapers to the paid content model. The company has consequently enjoyed a spike 13 percent in their digital revenue in the last quarter. It is likely that USA Today will soon switch their remaining newspapers to the paid content model as well....
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