How to Protect PDF Document with Password

How to Protect PDF Document with Password

How to Secure PDF with Password?

The PDF format files become more and more widely used nowadays. So, the file security is particularly crucial now for most PDF file owners. In order to protect PDF file owner's authority, the official PDF editor - Adobe acrobats and some other specially designed programs or online services are now supporting users to set password to PDF files.

In the following text, I will tell you how to secure PDF with password with ease. If you once want to set password to your PDF files but don't know how, then don't hesitate to have a check on the coming up solutions now!

Part 1: How to protect PDF document with password in Acrobat?

Part 2: How to set password to PDF using online services?

Tips: If you are more interested in removing/cracking PDF passwords with PDF Password Cracker or iPubsoft PDF Password Remover Mac rather than protecting PDF with password, you can rightly go to the how-to center. Here you can find various...
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