Smoking Tobacco on Balconies Banned

Smoking Tobacco on Balconies Banned

Smokers are being prohibited from smoking tobacco on balconies in a move that could soon widen to apartments, making many high rise houses smoke-free. Edifices in Main Beach, Surfers Paradise and Broad-Beach by now have prohibits in place and many more are thinking over enforcing smoke-free body collective by-ordinances.

The Surfers-Paradise has been a smoke free edifice since it was constructed, with smoking prohibited everywhere the tower. A previous has been fixed in a lot of states, with many Sydney edifices also implementing total bans.

The Scalinada house on Woodroffe Ave at Main-Beach could have smoke-free balconies within weeks, with owners intending to put the proposal to an annual public conference.

An inhabitant who did not want to be named argued that smoke was always carrying into the groups of non-smokers.

The Contessa apartment edifice, also at Main-Beach, placed a “No-Smoking on Balconies” by-legislation year before. Managers Jan and...
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