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Smart devices and flexible displays at CES About 3,000 companies will today demonstrate their latest gadgets at the biggest consumer electronics fair in the world, the CES in Las Vegas. Revolutionary product announcements are not expected, the evolution of increasingly becoming smarter and more sophisticated equipment monitors will prevail. For the first time since 1999, it is not a top executive from Microsoft that the event opens. Last year, the technology company announced that the timing of product announcements are no longer matches that of the show. But analysts suggest that the real reason is that PCs now no longer play a major role in Las Vegas.

The place occupied by Microsoft's CEO Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm, maker of chips for smart phones and tablets and other products, such as cars. Jacobs has already indicated that he will show how wireless technology houses, cars and health will change.

Much longer refers to everyday devices that are connected via the...
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