Drag’n'Slide JQuery Gallery v2.0

Drag’n'Slide JQuery Gallery v2.0


Finally, the new and improved version of our Drag’n'Slide gallery is out. Following the latest trends in gallery design, we’ve added some new features to our product, while preserving the unique properties of the plugin. Below you may find some code samples, as well as a demo of the gallery.

What’s new? Cool navigation added!

As you will see the new Drag’n'Slide jQuery gallery will provide the user with a simple and intuitive way of navigating across the pictures in the gallery. These tiny and cool circles will fit perfectly into any website design.

Changeable background colour!

For perfect compatibility with every website layout You can now choose the background colour that will enable the Drag’n'Slide jQuery gallery to fit right into your design.

Border on/off!

Outline the Drag’n'Slide jQuery gallery with a sleek border or just allow it to blend with the rest of the webpage.

You can find detailed documentation of the new features of...
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