Concrete Construction

Concrete Construction

Concrete construction is a type of landscaping called hardscape found at most homes. These projects could take shape in many ways though the most common are driveways, patios, sidewalks and stairs. Concrete construction projects are not always brand new installations as many existing hardscapes need only some repair to look their best.

Kaestner Landscaping has worked as a concrete contractor for many years in St. Louis and has the experience to bring your ideas or needs to life. All of our construction projects follow the same general process, slightly modifying it depending on its commercial or residential application. When new concrete is laid out the process will look like this:

Digging out below the installation area Pouring in and compacting a sub-base made of rock Pouring in 4-6 inches of concrete depending on application Installing wire or fiber mesh as a strengthener Finishing with a mag swirl or broom Sealing the concrete after 30 days

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