Damage Expert Witness | Antitrust Damages | Trademark Damages

Damage Expert Witness | Antitrust Damages | Trademark Damages

Business and Personal Damages

The central theme of the problems presented to Dr. Kamin is the need for a valuation of an economic asset.  This theme is captured in the name “ValuEconomics.” 

In business litigation the asset may be a “stream” of profits that is claimed to have been lost or impaired because of a contract breach or wrongful action.  A business may have experienced a diminution of value or goodwill or may have been lost altogether.  Valuations of businesses and business interests are also needed in bankruptcies and dissolutions.

There may be a claim of infringement of California intellectual property—patent damage, trademark damages, copyright damages--or of business trade dress, or misappropriation of a trade secret. A claim of securities fraud requires an estimate of the economic loss experienced by investors. Assessment of antitrust damages requires analysis of economic damages and of allegedly wrongful economic conduct by...
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