More Menthol in Pall Mall Smokes, Reynolds Tobacco Blend

More Menthol in Pall Mall Smokes, Reynolds Tobacco Blend

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is planning to enlarge the recent wave in Pall Mall cigarettes sales by widening its consumer in menthol. The company has manufacturer new brands - Pall Mall Black and Pall Mall White to complete Pall Mall Green, and its standard menthol taste.

Reynolds delegate Richard Smith argued that the black affords “a full flavor tobacco blends,” while the white Pall Mall “has a soft tobacco taste.”

Smith explained that the new Pall Mall styles are being included bit by bit, with national division proposed by October. Smith added that Reynolds is also added the menthol for to show the category increase nationally as well as an evasion in smoker favors.

“We know that Pall Mall is the right tobacco product at the right moment, as the unsteady economy continues to influence adult smokers. We are seeing growing rates of experiment and high rates of conversion and seizure with the smokes brand,” Smith reported.

Menthol style sales have...
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