Myths About Raise In Salary

Myths About Raise In Salary

Myths About Raise In Salary

Many a times, a lot of employees get demotivated because they feel that they are getting paid less than what they deserve but are afraid to ask for a raise in salary. There are many myths associated with salary negotiation after joining a company. This article in an attempt to dissect those myths and get a clarity if asking for raise in salary is justified.

Money will not make me happy. It is therefore pointless to seek a raise in salary. It is best to focus on other values.

This is just an excuse for under-achievement. While it is true that money itself may not make you happy, it will make make your life much easier. It’s OK to allow yourself to make more money. Go for it. You work the same 50 hours a week as everybody else. You might as well get paid more for it, right? Of course, you need to ask for a raise in salary, tactfully.

Raise in Salary Myth #2

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