Katy TX Award-Winning Attorneys | Respected, Experienced, Local

Katy TX Award-Winning Attorneys | Respected, Experienced, Local

Katy Attorneys

  The Springer Law Firm is a team of lawyers and support staff who are dedicated to serving families in Katy, Cinco Ranch, West Houston, and surrounding areas. We practice in Fort Bend County, Harris County, Waller County, Austin County—we will go to court where you need us to go. Our lawyers are ready to represent you and support your positions in the areas of family law, estate planning, probate, and guardianships.

We all live and work in Katy, and our offices are conveniently located on Oak Park Trails Drive. The Springer Law Firm’s lawyers are focused on providing personalized and professional service to each client. We take time to know you and to become familiar with the matters which are important to you so that we can answer your questions clearly and concisely as we navigate through the sometimes complicated legal processes to help you achieve your goals.

The lawyers at the Springer Law Firm offer services in the areas of family law,...
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