Detech Fire Alarms are Legendary in Home Fire Safety

Detech Fire Alarms are Legendary in Home Fire Safety

DeTech’s fire protection has already reached legendary status in the world of home fire safety.  DeTech is one of the few companies that offers free and complete educational programs for individual families, businesses and clubs or civic groups, but DeTech is the only company that can boast of a perfect life-safety record.  That’s right!  Zero recorded deaths or injuries in homes protected with their high-quality fire protection.

 For many companies, that lofty status would be enough, but not DeTech.  DeTech is now taking on new fields to excel in.  A few years ago, they added the medical alert and panic button with options such as extended coverage area, motion sensors and refrigerator door sensors, so you would be alerted if someone was not moving around in their home.  Along with the medical alert button, this gives more options to the elderly without being burdened by a pendant all the time.  DeTech has a unique policy of adding all additional attachments for just one...
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