Della Adventure Resorts in Lonavala

Della Adventure Resorts in Lonavala

If you are looking resorts near Lonavala then Durshet Forest Lodge is best place for overnight and one day staying. Resort is spread up on 7 acres. Lonavala is around 18 kms from our resort and 90 kms from Mumbai. One can go for site scene to Lonavala by staying at Durshet resort.

Durshet Forest Lodge is blessed with its very own private 35 acre teak forest. River Amba gracefully ambles by. The famous battlefield of Umbarkhind ( Where Shivaji ambushed the vastly superior army of Kartalab Khan) is nearby. So are the famous Ashta Vinayak Temples of Pali and Mahad. The facilities at the resort include 11 Rooms, 4 dormitories, 6 tents, a small swimming pool, waterfall, indoor and outdoor games, a conference hall and large lawns and gardens. There are various adventure activity options available as well.

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