News about Plumen!

News about Plumen!

Good news from Plumen - the world's first designer energy saving light bulb, which shatters the stereotypes of the standard forms, available on the Bulgarian market by us, a few days ago the new little charm was showen – The Baby Plumen 001. Our followers on Facebook already saw this, because we shared the photos of the first performance. Following the shape and parameters of the original Plumen 001 – The attractive form is stored in a smaller and more compact form, which also saves 80% of the lighting energy with guaranteed long life. So if you want the new representative of the Plumen family – you can write to us -!

Photos via 1 - Photographer: Andrew Penketh, 2, 3, 4 - Photographer: Ian Nolan and Stylist: Poppy Norton

The amazing capabilities of Plumen can be seen on this official video – dance and forms! It s really stunning!

PLUMEN BULB LOOP from Plumen on Vimeo.

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