Can We Delete iPhone/iPad Backup in iTunes?

Can We Delete iPhone/iPad Backup in iTunes?

iTunes is a nice mate for iOS device. Let along its ability of synchronization, the Apple App Store is a stunning media library for Apple users. People can to go iTunes Apple Store to search and download favorite music, videos, photos, books, audio books, applications, and more. This page will focus on tips & tricks of iTunes synchronization functions.

People who have used iTunes all know that when we connect iDevice with iTunes to sync files from iTunes library to device, iTunes will make backup copy of all files of the device automatically before synchronization. For people who have stored tons of files on iDevice, it is exactly a time-consuming and space-taking process. Thanks to iCloud storage service, we can move all files of our iDevice to it and available them conveniently. Then the old backup copies made by iTunes is unnecessary for most people. We don't need to store these files on our computer. Luckily, we can delete iPhone/iPad backup in iTunes...
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