Balshi Dermatology Award Winning Dermatologist In Delray Beach

Balshi Dermatology Award Winning Dermatologist In Delray Beach

Skincare Made For A “Queen”

Balshi Skincare recently announced that Ms. United States 2014, Crystal Rush, 27, of Delaware, has chosen to promote the Balshi Skincare product line created by renowned double board certified dermatologist Dr. Tom Balshi of Delray Beach, Florida. The partnership between Ms. U.S. Crystal Rush and Balshi Skincare will not only enhance Rush’s “spotlight ready” skin, but will further showcase Dr. Balshi’s skincare collection known for anti-aging ingredients as well as his dermatology-based services available to clients in South Florida.

Dr. Balshi is a winner too with the Rush/Balshi team up – “We are thrilled to have Crystal promoting the Balshi Skincare products to her national audience and beyond. She brings a youthful approach to educating the public about the importance of a good skincare regimen and how choosing products with “thoughtful” ingredients works for today and prevents issues down the road. She represents today’s young women who...
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