Hulu Plus vs Netflix: Which is Better ?

Hulu Plus vs Netflix: Which is Better ?

Each year, new services instigate the luxury of streaming TV and movies online.  Perhaps in the near future the need for satellite TV and cable will be obsolete.

Until then, the top two contenders, Hulu Plus and Netflix, are on each other's heels with one just a bit ahead of the other.

Consequently, many customers and potential new customers question, which one has the best service?

Both Netflix and Hulu Plus stream shows in place of downloading their services.

However, they have very dissimilar content and diverse guidelines about when, where, and how their customers can watch the shows they fancy.  

Observing the two foremost subscription video services, Hulu Plus and Netflix, Colin Decker, VP of audience development for Revision3 says, "he is optimistic about Netflix." He goes on to clarify that he believes Netflix's move to unique content is clever and...
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