Italian Food Forever: Easy Pasta Recipes

Italian Food Forever: Easy Pasta Recipes


1.Uncooked Rigatoni - half package 2.Basil Pesto sauce - 2 tbsp 3.Butter or Margerine - 1tbsp 4.Cake flour or Maida - 1 tbsp 5.Parmesan Cheese Shavings - 3 tbsp 6.Milk - 1/2 cup 7.Salt n Pepper for seasoning


1.Cook the Rigatoni according to package instructions. After it got cooked drain in collander and keep it aside. 2.Heat the butter or margerine in pot, add the cake flour stir it well cook in medium fire. After 5 mts of stirring, take off the pot from the fire add milk to the mixture mix it well till it combines. 3.Add the cheese shavings n keep it in fire for 5 mts. 4.In the same pot add the basil pesto sauce, stir it well cook in medium fire for 5 mts. Then add the cooked pasta n follow with salt n pepper. Close the pot with the lid after 5 mts check the seasonings. 5.Now the Creamy Cheesy Rigatoni in Basil Pesto Pasta is ready to serve hot with a bowl of Hot Soup and Bread rolls .

The following is for 4...
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