Mila Kunis · Мила Кунис

Mila Kunis · Мила Кунис

Mila Kunis | Мила Кунис

Making her small-screen debut in 1994 in an episode of “Days of Our Lives” (NBC, 1965- ), Kunis soon landed small roles on a number of television shows including “The John Larroquette Show” (NBC, 1993-96), “Baywatch” (1989-2001), and “Walker Texas Ranger” (CBS, 1993-2001). She went on to appear in recurring roles on “Nick Freno, Licenced Teacher” (The WB, 1996-98) and the WB’s “7th Heaven” (The WB, 1996-2006). With her dark hair and exotic looks, Kunis portrayed a young Angelina Jolie in the critically acclaimed 1998 HBO bio-pic “Gia” about the life of supermodel Gia Carangi.

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