Smoking on the Largest Seoul Street Will be Prohibited

Smoking on the Largest Seoul Street Will be Prohibited

Cigarette use in Seoul has been prohibited starting on June 1st. Such public areas as parks and recreation zones have often been considered as smoke-free places, but this is the first time that a ban on smoking has been passed on the whole street.

The place allocated for no-smoking is around one kilometer stretch from Gangnam subway station till Shinnonhyeon station. Namely this zone is considered the busiest place in Korea, due to heavy foot traffic, tobacco use on the street and second-hand smoking respectively, which together would cause hazardous harm to pedestrians. This made the governments to pass a ban on outdoor smoking for the whole street. The ban on smoking on a traffic artery is supposed to allow non-smokers to breathe clean air and stop the dangerous effects of secondhand smoke. A person caught smoking on this street may be fined around 80 U.S. dollars.

Initially smoking was banned in public buildings and afterwards the restriction...
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