Indian NGO’s Worried About Smoking Scenes in Movies

Indian NGO’s Worried About Smoking Scenes in Movies

Several months after the Ministry of Health and family welfare presented regulation for cigarettes and other smoking products, the Voluntary Health Association required adequate implementation of the restrictive order for the sake of future generation.

The Voluntary Health Association is a non-governmental organization, which is continually prompting the state government to make the country tobacco-free, rued that the officials introduced a running scroll with anti-tobacco warnings at the bottom of the TV screen during smoking scenes. “Teenagers watch movies very often and if they see a film where a star smokes, they will likely start smoking, thinking that this is cool. We are rather worried about the non-implementation of the banning orders in the association mentioned above,” stated Ruchira Neog, executive secretary of the association. “We concerned and disillusioned to find out that the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has presented...
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