Exercises to grow taller naturally

Exercises to grow taller naturally

Exercises to grow taller naturally

There are specific exercises that are designed to correct a person's posture to help gain extra precious inches. In fact you'll be surprised to learn how much height a normal person can gain just from correcting the posture and doing certain exercises. Improving your posture along can add an inch or 2 to your height at any age.


So what are some of the common exercises associated with improving your height?


Well there is nothing complicated to this exercise it is as easy to do as it looks. You simply hang from a horizontal bar to hang your body. This simple exercise doesn't only strengthen your spine but it also helps extend your spine. The gravitational pull on your body when you hang helps the spine extend and elongate as well as relax.

Touching your toes

This is another simple exercise to do to help your body stretch that little more. In order to do this you...
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