Hacked by hacker – has your website been compromised too?

Hacked by hacker – has your website been compromised too?

“hacked by hacker” – thousands of sites in the UK and abroad surprised their owners with this obscure message.

The common thing between them?

They were all running on the most popular CMS – WordPress.  It is a secure system, as long as it is maintained properly, regularly updated and kept clean of unsafe themes and plugins… which most people fail to do.

If you were one of the unhappy victims of this “hacker” or however they call themselves – there is a remedy.

You can always trust our WordPress Hacked Recovery Service – as we have already fixed many of the websites hacked, having customers calling us throughout the weekend.

If you want to fix your website by yourself, be prepared to follow tedious guides, restoring from backup (if your hosting provider had one, which was not the case with many of our customers) and eventually, even with a restored website, still remaining vulnerable to the same hack, if you don’t know how to protect your website...
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