Hulu Plus vs. Netflix

Hulu Plus vs. Netflix

Who Offers More Bang for Your Entertainment Dollar?


Netflix or Hulu Plus is a question that many Americans face as they try to determine which online streaming service offers the best value.

Finding the answer isn’t always easy, and the decision depends largely on the type of programs that you watch.

If you’ve been wondering who will win the Hulu Plus vs. Netflix battle, it’s time to find the answer.

Who’s Who

Netflix has been offering subscription-based entertainment services since 1999 and has been streaming since 2007.

Today, the company has more than 30 million members worldwide.

Its large catalog of TV shows and movies makes it the most popular on-demand entertainment company ever.

Hulu joined the streaming market in 2008 and launched its premium Hulu Plus service in November 2010.

This venture was funded by NBC Universal, Fox Broadcasting, The Walt Disney Company and private equity partners.

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