How Important Is What You Wear?

How Important Is What You Wear?

One day, you got this good news that you are one step close to your dream job. So you will need to check on your closet and find the best outfit to wear during the job interview. What you wear could be a plus point to the success of your dream role. Put in mind that “First Impression, Last”. In reality, no matter how much you prepare ahead, people will always have a say on how you look before you flaunt your CV.

If it’s been your “nth” time to attend interviews and has not been successful, you can kindly take a picture of yourself or say face the mirror and ask yourself – Will you hire you? You can simply ask a family member to seek their opinion on how you look and take note of their comments. They will or sure give their best recommendation.

It might seem obvious to many; however, here are a few tips that you should remember before going to your next job interview:

Dress for success and dress appropriately. – It is important that you dress appropriately for...
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