How to Become a Photographer: The Natural Way

How to Become a Photographer: The Natural Way

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So you want to become a photographer, huh?

Then just forget it, you’ll never be one!

And even if you will – you won’t be a good one anyway…

What’s the catch? I’ll tell you. But first I want to share a little story from my own life.

The “Wannabe” Syndrome

For the past 10 years or so I’ve had quite a trendy hobby – DJ-ing. This is the kind of hobby when lots of people get to know you and many of them will reach out and talk to you.

Throughout the years there where two most popular questions I’ve been asked over and over again:

How did you become a DJ? How can I become a DJ?

Basically both questions had the same purpose. The person wanted to learn “how to become a DJ”.

yep, this is me :) do I look cool? :)

But the fun thing about this was that I didn’t have the answer!

I tried to recall that moment when I decided that “I want to become a DJ” and I couldn’t. But I...
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