Сьомгата на съмнението - Дъглас Адамс

Сьомгата на съмнението - Дъглас Адамс

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Radi Todorov Radev is a writer, journalist and a popularizer of science fiction. He has published more than 70 stories and articles in the following newspapers: "Capital", "Money," "Uchitelsko Delo ", "Literary Forum", "Muscle and Fitness", and also in the magazines "Eight", "Zone F", "Locus" / USA / and "PC Magazine Bulgaria". Two editions of his short story collection "A man without magic" were printed and their issues were completely sold out. The most famous of his works are: "Confession" - short story awarded in 1998 by the magazine "Zona F", awarded by the Better Karma Writing Contest, also published in the collection "Caress of the Darkness" (Ed. "Argus"). "The Seance" - short story awarded in 1999 by the magazine "Zona F". "Caring daughter" - a story published in 2000 in the U.S. online magazine "Nuketown." "Strategy in abstract time" - third prize in the competition for a...
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