Aruba Network Resident Engineer

Aruba Network Resident Engineer

Focusing on the essential technical support and other services offered to HPE-Aruba customers is the primary responsibility of the Aruba ClearPass Network Resident Engineer.

Aruba Network Resident Engineer Job Description:

Aruba Network Resident Engineer will actively evaluate and offer solutions to optimize the client’s Aruba investment fully. The professional must also provide pre-service and post-deployment technical support. They have to play an active role in evaluating and understanding the technical issues in support of HPE-Aruba. The engineer has to work in coordination to develop mobility solutions and create performance benchmarks. The Network Engineer should keep themselves updated with the latest development of Aruba Networks. Apart from these, the additional job responsibilities include:

Actively develop mobility solutionsPlay an active role in building test beds, conducting verification, and validation testingRemain committed to expanding customer...
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