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Роналдо напуска „Реал“
Португалецът все още не е обявил, къде смята да играе, но се предполага, че ще е в „Пари Сен Жермен“

02 Юни 2018 13:57




Звездата на мадридския „Реал“ Кристиано Роналдо обяви официално, че напуска „белия балет“ – съобщи испанското издание Marca.

, лидер мадридского клуба рассказал о своём решении партнёрам по команде за несколько недель до финала Лиги чемпионов.

Руководство мадридского клуба пока не комментирует эту информацию. Журналисты считают, что Роналду продолжит карьеру в «Пари Сен-Жермен».

26 мая футболист в составе «Реала» в  пятый раз выиграл Лигу чемпионов, став рекордсменом турнира. В матче с «Ливерпулем» Роналду не сумел отличиться.he post-Champions League final comments from Cristiano Ronaldo surprised many Real Madrid fans, including club president Florentino Perez, but the forward’s teammates already knew of his desire to leave.In the weeks building up to the final in Kiev, he’d let his colleagues know of his wish to move on to pastures new.They weren’t, therefore, surprised by what he had to say, just that he choose to hint at an exit at that particular moment.For that reason, the captains of the dressing room were displeased, as MARCA reported. Zinedine Zidane’s exit means Ronaldo’s potential departure has taken a backseat for the time being, but it is still an issue and some of his teammates consider that he has already played his last match in the white of Real Madrid.Those in the club’s hierarchy, meanwhile, are calmer about the situation, even if they’re also angry at his attitude. The fact that he has a release clause of one billion euros means that those in the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu boardroom are confident they can put the brakes on the player’s wish for a better contract or for a change of team. As such, many directors believe he will continue.