“My new bible! Her story really inspired me to look differently at a lot of aspects of my life, my relationship with myself and others. And it inspired me to chase the big dreams, I never dared to chase before. And so now I become a member of what I hope will turn out to be a big world wide ‘Let’s turning our Fat into Love- movement’!” C. Wiersma

“I loved it!!! and felt like I knew the author personally Major PLUS – the activities and exercises throughout the book. They were quick and simple and effective. Highly recommended.”  S. Warrior

“A debut diet book with an effective method and a warm heart.”  KIRKUS REVIEW

“Extreme inspiration!  This is a life manual for abundance, not another restrictive diet. And Pauline’s story of overcoming MS to achieve her dreams is moving and inspirational.” L. Newman

“An inspiring book for all those with weightloss challenges!” Cloe Madanes (president Robbins-Madanes training)

"Turning Fears and...
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