I am twenty nine and live in Lowestoft town county of Suffolk. I did not had full driving licence and felt like I have left my driving too late. I needed it day to day life. I work in Great Yarmouth which is about 20-30 minutes away from Lowestoft. I used to get lift to work and sometimes had to take taxi when my colleague is off sick.

I really needed to learn to drive as I could not rely on other people. So I decide to pass my driving test as soon as possible. I also did not pass my theory test. I bought an DVSA official theory app which was about £4.99.

I started studying theory on a daily basis and also practiced hazard perception as I wanted to pass my theory in 4-5 weeks time. I booked my theory test and passed it on the 1st go. Great I was happy as I had done half way.

Now it was time to start driving lessons in Lowestoft. I started hunting for good driving schools in Lowestoft area with competitive prices. I called few driving schools and enquired about their...
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