Dried Fruit

Taste the Real fruit sensation!! Quality fruit products with no added sugars. Totally natural 100% fruit. Dried fruits include, Dried Mango, Dried Pineapple, Dried Red Apple, Dried Green Apple, Dried Pear, Dried Banana, Dried Strawberry, Dried Orange and others. The dried mango and dried apple are also shredded for inclusion in meusli, meusli bars or cooking ingredient. Extended range to ginger products and yoghurt enrobing. Other fruits available on demand. Available in retail packages or bulk wholesale. View products


Semi-Dried Tomatoes

Our semi dried tomatoes are a natural alternative to sun-dried versions with a burst of flavour that embodies their quality. Available in food service or retail sizes. View products



Fruit Powders

Orange and Lemon powder are an exceptionally zingy taste that can jazz up your cooking and baking.  Used commercially in muesli mixes, spice mixes and baking products, the strong...
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